“I give your name and number to anyone who tells me they are having computer problems.  I was on Oahu for a few weeks with a group of friends.  I used their tablets from time to time, to make sure I was still on planet earth and was appalled at the ads and pop-ups.  I told them I knew someone who could clean that all up for them!”

Judith Maxwell

“John did a great job and I would highly recommend him to anyone with computer service needs.  He is definitely our go-to-person should there be an information or service need in the future.”

Michael S.

“Really quick and easy, John was flexible and helpful.”

Brandon Korvas

“He did a great job.  Had a problem with my computer and went thru it again and it is working great now.  He was friendly and polite.  I was so happy to have him come to my house.  My hard drive is too heavy for me to take to a shop.  I am 82 and was glad to have home service. ”

Gloria V

“Very good service at reasonable price.  Talked about computer problem at my level of understanding. Nice person to work with.  I was very satisfied with his service and would recommend him without reservation.”

Peter E

Excellent service! The price was right too! Thanks, John!

Dex Horton

“Always excellent service, professional and knowledgeable.”

Diane M

“John was so helpful and patient with me due to my computer problems that it was an extremely good experience to work with him.  I would highly recommend him to anyone needing help.”

Chuck E

“I called, he answered quickly.  Granted, my computer problem was simple but he went out of his way to help and I really appreciated that.  As well as fixing the simple problem he assessed the “health” of my computer and made suggestions which I…….

Ella Bradley